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When assessing a metal fabrication supplier, most firms focus their attention on factory floor capabilities. The smartest ones look at all the processes that lead up to the moment of manufacturing, and all the business management steps that connect the plant floor to the end user’s doorstep and beyond.

Comprehensiveness in capability is IFAB’s passion. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure every service we perform…from the reception desk to the loading dock and beyond…is as uniformly high in quality as the fabrication services we stake our reputation on.

  • A robust professional purchasing function, accustomed to working in tandem with some of the world’s most sophisticated industrial purchasing departments
  • An estimating system that is extremely comprehensive, exceptionally rigorous and more objective…which makes it more repeatable when re-ordering or investigating cost containment
  • An accounting system that integrates more effectively with your management information system, saving internal staff valuable time
  • A sales staff that calls you back, but doesn’t call you constantly

Our aim at IFAB is to make the process of doing business with us as smooth and consistent as the finish of our fabricated metal products. It’s all part of a larger goal we strive to give every customer: the freedom to call IFAB and know that you have One Less Thing to Worry About.