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  • Design and prototyping
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Machine Guarding
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Structural Steel & Support Systems
  • Platforms, Walkways, Ladders and Stairs

Most fabrication customers will tell you that all they want is a finished part that conforms with the specs on the blueprint.

The truth is, most fabrication buyers are looking for much more. Some need a fabricator that can help integrate the component with a larger assembly process. Some look for cost containment without the hassles of dealing with an unprofessional supplier. Almost everybody wants a fabrication supplier with the extra vision to see their individual operation as part of a quality finished product.

If you seek nothing more than conformity to specs, IFAB is glad to oblige. If you want more, we are eager to turn your specifications into the beginning of a dialog. Let’s look deeper into the functions your component performs, and explore solutions to the quality and application challenges that commonly come up. Let’s talk about what will happen to the component after it leaves IFAB.

The answers to these questions allow Industrial Fabrication to add value to the component in all types of ways, often without adding cost:

  • Adding process steps that save you time and money in the final assembly process
  • Performing multiple extra operations on the IFAB shop floor, making the manufacturing process more efficient
  • Exploring cost-cutting ideas by using an alternative fabrication technique or a different type or alloy of metal

Even if IFAB doesn’t perform any value-added operations, it pays to have a manufacturing partner who understands what customers really want: One Less Thing to Worry About.